This house was originally 2 levels with 3 bedrooms and poorly lit throughout. The front of the property was painted in pink and yellow with rotting timber on the balcony and a poorly maintained and overgrown yard.

The client wanted a complete and comprehensive renovation of the property to create the best use of the space and achieve a modern minimalist look that was carefully blended with the original character of the property. Special attention must be paid to heritage properties, such as this, due to their age, fragility and the adjoining neighbouring walls.

The renovation included underpinning the lower level walls to excavate below the ground level and raise the ceiling height, adding both an attic bedroom and a second storey office/bedroom with ensuite above the garage as well as redesigning the yard area with simple paving and a plunge pool.

The entire property was renovated without architect involvement and despite the constraints with council, design and existing structures, the end result was spectacular.

  • 3 Bedrooms and 3 en-suites in main house
  • 1 bedroom/office and en-suite above garage
  • Heated plunge pool, north facing kitchen and rear balcony
  • Excavation of entire lower ground floor level and creation of functional areas
  • All services (plumbing air-conditioning, electrical etc.) were hidden on this job to reduce clutter and achieve an open, minimalist feel
  • All areas utilised, with abundant storage
  • Achieving correct proportions/ratios with these jobs is very important as they are restricted in size, height, width, length
  • Garage door is a roller door but with a flush finish on the outside, rolling up ‘’hidden’’ within the ceiling space

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12 Surfers Parade needed a complete renovation. This was a very old home, with classic 100 year old existing sandstone walls. The lower ground floor had deteriorated to the point of being uninhabitable. It was a treasure of a place, needing the respect and dedication of good restoration work to make it the home it was meant to be.