168 Paddington

This house was originally 2 levels with 3 bedrooms and poorly lit throughout. The front of the property was painted in pink and yellow with rotting ...

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The original property was a single storey 2 bedroom property that was in extremely poor condition and offered no natural light to much of the interior.

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The property was a 3 bedroom 2 storey detached house in good condition, but the client wanted to open up the lower level of the property, increase ...

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The property is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom terrace with a rear yard which had been owned by the client for 30 years and was rented out as an ...

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The original property was a 3 bedroom neglected and burnt out weatherboard house in a prime location on an elevated block of land overlooking a ...

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12 Surfers Parade needed a complete renovation. This was a very old home, with classic 100 year old existing sandstone walls. The lower ground...

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This unit needed a complete upgrade. It’s a well laid out residence, but it looked very dated when the decision was made to renovate.

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This is a large, older style two storey building, which needed a complex range of work including new features, renovation and rectification ...

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This spacious townhouse had some significant problems, including water related issues, flooring condition, stairs in need of repair and ...

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Renovation can achieve wonderful results, and can also include valuable repair and restoration works as part of the overall project. Well designed renovations can effectively reinvent a home, creating options for features and amenities, as well as adding value to the residence.

All types of renovation need careful thought and planning. The best results are achieved through consultation and consideration of available options. This process ensures both practical and conceptual issues are fully addressed. The consultation approach also often brings down renovation costs, by analyzing possibilities and getting professional inputs into costs of materials and works.

Renovations can be complex, particularly for older or larger homes which may have structural requirements or site issues affecting them. Some forms of renovation work also require council approvals and consideration of heritage requirements.

Bourne Builders has a range of examples of renovation jobs for notably different types of homes. Our work in this field includes large houses, and some extensive heritage work which illustrates clearly what can be achieved through renovation and good design.

There’s one other thing homeowners should know about renovations; they can be exciting and a lot of fun. Working with our clients we have achieved a lot with our renovations, and as you browse through our specially selected jobs, you’ll see why renovations are such great opportunities for creative design.