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"I never thought I would be able to write a letter of recommendation for a builder.I have undertaken a number of major renovations in the past, the most recent being a total disaster up until the time Brett Bourne was engaged to fix the mess my previous builder had created. Brett changed my renovation nightmare into my dream home.

Brett is extremely honest, and reliable. If he says that he will do something or that he will be on site at a particular time he always does so. He is hard working and a perfectionist in terms of work standards he sets for himself and any contractor that does work on his behalf. He follows all briefs and can operate quite independently but if he determines that there is a different or better way he will proactively recommend changes.

Brett is organised and plans effectively so that down time is minimized on the job. He maintains the physical building site in an orderly manner and cleans up after each days work.

Under Bretts supervision all certifying inspections were passed effortlessly and often those people conducting certifications complemented Brett on his standard of work.

Brett is a very experienced builder who more often than not knows exactly how to approach all the tasks entailed for a job. If however he is unsure he will consult a variety of experts in his professional network to ensure he finds the best possible solution.

I have worked with Brett now over a 3 year period on a major upstairs addition to my home, new kitchen, bathrooms, decks, pool and interior refurbishment and decorating all of which he has undertaken enthusiastically and to the highest possible standards. I would not hesitate to recommend Brett to any prospective client and would be happy to discuss further if required

Yours Sincerely"

Jo-anne Quirk

"As an architect who has recently retired after 53 years in the profession, I am pleased to say that Brett Bourne is the finest builder I have met during my career. He has been working on our house renovation and extension for over two years and the thought, pre planning and execution of the work is a pleasure to experience.

I have found him to be hard working, with exceptionally high work standards that he sets for himself and others. He is honest and totally trustworthy in all his dealings

His carpentry work is joinery standard and he pre plans work with subcontractors so that all trades are to his exacting high standards. For example, inset drainage tiles within a tiled floor pattern are coordinated with plumber and tiler so that this is exactly in the centre of a tile.

He has devised details on site for difficult problems, particularly for waterproofing, which are clever, innovative and executed with craftsmanship. He has worked around us while we have been living in the house with a minimum of inconvenience during some difficult work. All this has been carried out with a cheerful pragmatic approach that has ensured a smooth working relationship with all trades and the owners.

I have no hesitation in recommending Brett Bourne for any building project."

Alan Williams
NSW registration 5836

"As an Interior Designer, I have worked with numerous builders and trades people on renovations through to complete projects and new houses. Along with efficiency and initiative, Bourne Builders is the only builder that I can rely on for attention to detail, effective time management, quality work and reliablility. I have no hesitation in recommending Bourne Builders for any project and will happily continue to work on various projects into the future."

Jennifer Sintegra
Interior & Graphic Design

Hi Brett,

Yes, your work at Ultimo is now complete.

You have done a wonderful job there. I appreciate your enthusiasm, your flexibility and innovative ideas, your attention to detail and your willing co-operation at all times - and of course your high standard of workmanship. An outstanding job done! Thank you so much.

With thanks

Sophie WIllis

To Whom It May Concern,

Dear Sir/Madam,

Reference for Mr Brett Bourne (Bourne Builders Sydney)

The undersigned confirms that Mr Brett Bourne, from Bourne Builders Sydney, is a competent and knowledgeable builder and has known him for more than 20 years.

Mr Bourne has competent skills in managing and supervision of construction works. He has demonstrated a good understanding of BCA, Australian Standard and specifications

On numerous occasions, I had direct contact with Mr Bourne and he has shown great deal of awareness, understanding and knowledge of building and construction works and running the project.

If you require further information on the above matter, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

Yours faithfully,

J. NASSERI - BE (Civil & Structural), FIEAust NPER, CPEng.

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