20 May Gibbs Road, Frenchs Forest

The property was a 3 bedroom 2 storey detached house in good condition, but the client wanted to open up the lower level of the property, increase the size of the kitchen and allow more natural light into the inner and rear of the property.

This was achieved by relocating the guest bathroom from the middle of the lower level to the side of the house, removing some of the minor internal walls and the rear structural wall. A wide covered hardwood timber deck was installed, with 3 carefully placed skylights in the roof structure to allow natural light in, the rear garden was landscaped to complement the new deck and the project was finished with 12.7m long floor-to-ceiling sliding door system.

The clients were very happy with the outcome of this job and the finishing we were able to apply to it without the involvement of an architect.

  • Removal of many internal walls and the rear structural wall with the installation of strategically placed steel beams to maintain the structural integrity of the property. The steel beams were placed within the ceiling space beneath the upper floor, (not under the ceiling) to create a continuous flat ceiling with no beams or bulkheads.
  • Construction of a swimming pool and a huge hardwood timber deck overlooking the pool with 3 large glass panels installed to create an amazing effect.
  • Installation of a glass roof over the new kitchen area and a rear deck roof pitching up to let in natural light. The deck roof was constructed with timber battens lining the underside and 3 large skylights with all structural supports hidden to give the roof a floating effect.
  • Landscaping of the remainder of the garden
  • Installation of a 12.7m long floor to ceiling stacker sliding door between the kitchen and the new decking area.
  • Removal of the original guest bathroom with a replacement bathroom constructed at the outer perimeter of the property.

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